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Speech Intellect is the first STT/TTS solution that works in real-time by totally using a new AI-focused mathematical theory — "Sense Theory". It looks to the sense of each word pronounced by the client.

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Human speech recognition focuses primarily on spoken words and sentences. However, the emotional component of any speech plays a very important role in understanding the direction of the conversation. The Speech-To-Text engine we are using is divided into two parts. The first part defines the emotion and tone. The second translates the voice into text by adding a semantic component. As a result, we get not only the transcribed text but also the tonality of the spoken speech. Speech synthesis technology based on its own developed sense-to-sense algorithm allows our users to reproduce text with a voice with intonation and a certain tonality.

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Speech synthesis technology based on its own developed sense-to-sense algorithm allows our users to reproduce text with a voice with intonation and a certain tonality. This solution can be easily integrated with various business cases. Among them:

  • the reproduction of a script text in a humanoid voice in video games,
  • communication with clients in a call center,
  • virtual communication on a website,
  • comfortable conversation in a smart home and in many other situations of business and personal life.

Sense-to-sense technology allows generating a humanoid voice depending on the age, gender and emotional color of the character being created.
The key difference from other market solutions is the Sense with which our algorithm works.

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Combining Solutions

A combined solution based on two solutions, Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech, allows our users to completely eliminate a person from the business process. Pre-written short work scenarios, for example, of a sales department or technical support of a contact center, will automate their work by 99.9%.
Our sense-to-sense algorithm will independently select the necessary actions when communicating with our users clients. Also having determined the initial tone of the client, our algorithm will translate the conversation into a friendly and respectful manner if the situation requires it.

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Advantages of our solutions

  • CloudCloud Computing

    Speechllet Tools use an extensive set of algorithms to quickly and efficiently find the meaning of the processed data. The entire set of algorithms resides in our high-speed private cloud. Our private cloud contains dozens of clouds located around the world. We comply with international laws on the processing and storage of personal data.

  • LockSecurity

    Speechllect uses revolutionary "Amorphous Encryption" cryptographic technology to store and transmit personal data of our users. The uniqueness of this technology lies in its degree of protection against various types of hacker attacks. Its key characteristic is the complete absence of private keys, which, in the case of current market cryptographic solutions, must be stored somewhere, and in the event of a compromise of these keys, all user data can be lost forever. We legally guarantee 100% safety of our users data.

  • FlexibilityFlexibility

    Speechllect provides our users with the opportunity to shape any work scenarios for their company employees themselves, from reception to complex work in the technical support of their customers. For example, in the field of production, where there are a large number of stages in the creation of a certain product, our sense-to-sense algorithm can significantly reduce the cost of coordinating work at each stage, as well as completely replace a person in this part.